All processes from customer acquisition to product/service delivery are on a single platform!

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Order Management

You can follow all the processes of the orders placed by your dealers or customers on a single screen.

Product/Service Management

You can easily update your product information and customize and add new products.

Customer/Dealer Management

You can manage your customers and dealer network from one place and monitor their movements.

Seller Management

You can manage your dealer network from one place and monitor their movements.

Inventory Management

You can easily manage stock from a single screen and increase your operational efficiency.

Campaign Management

You can increase your sales by creating comprehensive campaigns.

Report Management

You can access financial, operational, sales, and more reports with rich graphics.

Payment Management

You can receive payment with options such as Credit Card, Wire Transfer / EFT.

Authority Management

You can create, update and authorize a user ID.


Comprehensive Order Management

You can easily create new orders and track created orders, and review all data with broad summaries.

Effective Campaign Management

You can increase your sales by creating more than one campaign. Thanks to its customizable structure, campaigns that you can prepare with more than one fiction are waiting for you.

Flexible Payment Options

You can easily receive and track your payments with CreditCard, Wire Transfer / EFT.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple, Clear and Innovative

You can easily manage your orders from your dealers or customers.

In addition, you can access sales, campaign, payment, company, and user management areas from a single screen.

With Enriched Graphics

Effective Reporting

Thanks to our comprehensive reporting module, you can access detailed data including sales, campaigns, stocks, orders, and many more.

Thanks to the data storage feature in our system, you can filter whenever you want.

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